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Advanced Resilient Technology (ART), an international technology development company, provides globally applicable, locally deployable systems to generate revenue while addressing critical environmental and resource challenges.

ART systems provide local solutions utilizing waste to generate clean energy, support sustainable economies, and restore environmental habitat—including offering carbon sequestration. ART systems generate perpetual revenues to recoup investments, generate profits and fund sustainable waste elimination solutions for the future. Using innovative technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of time-proven methods, ART reclaims organic wastes by generating energy (electricity and heat) and Biochar.

Biochar is a valuable resource used for environmental filtration, cleaning and restoration. It can be sold to a wide variety of markets and to obtain carbon credits. By transforming waste streams that otherwise are deposited in landfills or released into waterways, ART systems significantly reduce vast quantities of unusable waste transforming them into usable products for local energy needs and industrial processes.

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Business of Biomass
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With our 21st century approach to eliminating waste, ART offers opportunities to generate revenue while helping the planet, to users including businesses—local communities, and national governments worldwide.