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Economic Benefits of Biochar

Cost-Saving Benefits of ART Systems

While avoiding pollution to the environment, our distributed systems allow users to save significant costs. Ideal for enterprises that have biomass in different locations, ART systems can be installed close to the various sources of biomass. Doing so eliminates the costs and pollution of transporting biomass in trucks using diesel fuel, to large centralized systems that either pay little for waste, or must be paid to accept it.

Our systems’ small footprint typically requires only about 120 square meters, as opposed to installations the size of a football field. ART systems can generate from 200kw up to 3.5 mw, and, if necessary, can be linked together like Lego® blocks, to serve larger requirements.

  • Agricultural Sector
  • Consumer Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Industrial Sector

As a permanent soil amendment, Biochar reduces erosion by improving organic matter retention; improves water retention; reduces water requirements and the need for fertilizer; and improves crop productivity. It also serves as a growth medium for hydroponic agriculture and captures and stores atmospheric carbon dioxide (sequestration).

In addition to being used as a soil amendment for landscaping/gardening, Biochar can be used for air and water filtration; improvements to pet foods; and as personal health and skin care products.

Biochar can be used for land recovery/restoration, as well as for municipal potable water treatment. It also has medical and military applications, including use in medical treatments; hazardous exposure remediation; chemical protective suits; and electronics protection.

Biochar can be utilized for applications, such as process filtration; pharmaceutical; healthcare; cosmetic enhancements; test and measurement devices; steel production optimization; food processing contaminant defense; effective building insulation; and construction site health and safety.

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