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Marshall Mermell

    Marshall Mermell, Chief Executive Consultant, has assembled a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industrialists from around the world to join in a collaborative initiative for improving global quality of life by restoring environments, sequestering carbon, and generating renewable energy. Applying his Risk-managed Marketing™ business development skills, Marshall has directed his team to create a highly profitable, commercial enterprise based on the transformation of organic waste into multiple valuable resources, including electricity, heat, and Biochar. In 2014, he presented a keynote talk, “Commercialization of Biochar,” in Scotland for the EU COST Action; he helped organize its working group tasked with enabling commercial implementation of intelligent material flow management systems, which convert organic waste into Biochar; and participated in its 2013 meeting in Hungary and the recent 2015 meeting in Germany. Marshall holds an MBA in marketing management and has earned a certificate in Biochar Training for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Development at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

    John Zajac
      John Zajac, Chief Technology Consultant, holds patents in plasma and engine development. With equal parts of technical innovation and business acumen, John focuses on design and development of the ART engine configurations—a ground-breaking approach offering at least 25% greater fuel efficiency. John helps develop and manage ART's technology and intellectual properties.

    Ziya Gökçek
      Ziya Gökçek, Chief of Manufacturing, is president of Istanbul-based UMDE Muh. Mut. Tic. Ltd. UMDE manufactures turnkey factories and facilities including wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, and renewable energy facilities around the world. Ziya is a chemical engineer and has managed UMDE for over 20 years. UMDE holds five percent equity in ART.
    Taner Yöney
      Taner Yöney, Senior Engineering Manager, is in charge of research, mechanical and industrial engineering. As business development manager for UMDE Energy, ART’s contract manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey, Taner has acquired extensive experience in identifying and researching new and existing technologies for waste-to-energy projects. He has also worked as a project manager, coordinating the transformation of waste biomass into electricity and biofuel. In addition, he has researched new and existing technologies for the treatment, recycling, and reuse of wastewater. At UMDE, Taner has coordinated turnkey manufacturing processes, handling technical preparations; overseeing and delegating responsibilities to project engineers; evaluating their performance; and managing key equipment procurements. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara.
    Marc Sabin
      Marc Sabin, Chief Marketing Consultant, has served the past 11 years as the executive Vice President of MKTworks where he has headed up project management, client relations, and media relations, as well as developing and executing marketing communications for established clients and start-up ventures. Before joining ART, Marc was instrumental in facilitating venture development for several disruptive technology companies. With a background as marketing research project manager, real estate manager, and international theatre producer, Marc has led several entrepreneurial enterprises in California, London, and New York.
    Joseph R. Spina
      Joseph R. Spina, Field Engineering and Automation Consultant, is responsible for engine development and deployment. Joe began his career in the field of machine tool technology and now has an extensive background in internal combustion engine repair and maintenance. As an automation mechanic at Eastman Kodak in the late '70s and early '80s, he acquired expertise in: electricity, electronics, applied physics, advanced math, computer logic, mechanical power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, rigging, welding & soldering, and blueprint & technical design implementation. Joe is also experienced in entrepreneurial enterprises, having founded, managed and grown businesses including international import, glass and metal fabrication facilities, classic automobile restoration, automobile salvage and repair, and construction and building management.
    Catherine Gonick
      Catherine Gonick, Chief Communications Consultant, helps develop marketing communications strategies and materials and oversees copy for all external and internal communications, both for ART and MKTworks. Before joining MKTworks in 2002, she worked as a financial writer/editor on Wall Street, for the Federal Reserve Bank and the Chase Manhattan Bank, where she helmed the bank’s International Department magazine, and for various Wall Street subscription newsletters covering the securities markets. She has a background in writing on waste management, for McGraw-Hill and wastewater engineering clients of MKTworks, and has worked as a copy editor for Random House.

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